Mindful Approach Signals Success

You have to negotiate with everyone to get your job done at work. You have read many books and attended few training programs. Yet, something is missing. Soft [Mindful] Negotiations, based on the book, Beyond Wins, will reveal the missing piece! It will help any professional better execute in negotiations. It draws from eastern wisdom the ​mindset—mindful approach—​that looks beyond today to focus on those actions that may be beneficial in the long run for both sides. It shows you how to achieve business results while building lasting relationships.

Who is this Workshop for?

Are you a corporate employee, a business owner, or an entrepreneur? Do you feel the pain of dealing with the same customers, vendors, employees, and bosses every day to get your work done? If so, you may not be aware that your career depends on how well you negotiate in these situations.

What’s In this Workshop?

Mala Subramaniam, who negotiated for twenty years in global companies to achieve transformational projects, and taught negotiations for ten years, reveals:

The Sound Bites of Eastern Principles
Gain the contemplative mindset

The Communications Signal
Zero-in on the business problem
Wait for the Green to start negotiation

The Assessment Tool
Know your work style

Traffic Light

The ​Chakra​ of Negotiation Principles
Balance the 8-spoke wheel for success

The 7 Behaviors for Success
Your behaviors dictate if you can better execute negotiation strategies

Different Styles for Different Folks
Adapt your communication styles