Mala delivers 2 to 3-hour talks or workshops on the following 3 topics:


The 2-hour talks are interactive with opportunities for Q&A. The workshops add some role-plays and team exercises. MKTinsite has done these talks and workshops in person classroom style, and as Webinars.

Cross-Cultural Communications

This talk or workshop is not about the Top Ten Tips from experts, some of whom who were not even raised in that culture, on how to handle the other culture.

The talks go beyond the visible behaviors to help you understand the core values that drive behaviors at work. How do you find the values—in history, geography, education, government, people, religion, or other sources that build the foundation for core values? You cannot know it, unless you have lived in it!

Mala was raised in India, and lived and worked in the US in multinationals where she interacted with a cross-section of people. So, she speaks with a voice of experience.

Learn what happens when you break the harmony by violating these core values? When you understand these principles, you don’t have to memorize the Top Ten Tips.

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Soft Negotiations

You have to negotiate with everyone to get your job done at work. You have read many books and attended few training programs. Yet, something is missing.

Traffic LightSoft Negotiations, based on the book, Beyond Wins, will reveal the missing piece! It will help any professional better execute in negotiations. It draws from eastern wisdom the ​mindset—mindful approach—​that looks beyond today to focus on those actions that may be beneficial in the long run for both sides. It shows you how to achieve business results while building lasting relationships, using the Wheel of 8 Principles of Negotiation.

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Marketing Pitch

If you need your audience to take action on your marketing idea or if you need funding from investors for your startup, the first step is to create a pitch deck, whether you’re looking for $50,000 or $50 million.

What is a pitch deck? It is your story–what got you started with your business idea, showcasing your product and market demand, sharing your business model and introducing your team – a pitch that compels investors to part with their money or moves your audience to take action! Come learn how to make this daunting task easy.

The programs can also be designed around technical ideas or products.

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