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“Mala’s guidance inspired me to adopt a collaborative and transparent leadership style. It motivated me to learn how to create a sense of ownership and empowerment with my team. Mala exposed me to a broad spectrum of skills including negotiation and consulting. Her emphasis on discovering inner strength, rather than working on weaknesses, boosted my self-confidence. While attending other leadership programs, I was amazed to learn that most of the leadership principles were pointing to the ground rules that Mala set for our teams.”

Senior Manager, IT

“I was in a one-week class with Mala… Every minute of her session was inspiring and especially the workshops were awesome to learn while having fun too…. She is the best catalyst for positive change in business relationships!”

Director, Customer Success, IT

“It is rare to find a coach who helps you handle challenges in your work and personal life with empathy and kindness while providing a clear path to success… The most useful thing Mala told me to do was to “take a step back, breathe and to not let emotions make me act in haste.”

Producer, Video & Documentary Films

“Mala Subramaniam is the consummate leadership and Multicultural Communications trainer, speaker and coach. Experienced in the executive corporate business world; a subject matter expert on the material; articulate in her message; emotionally and culturally connected to both countries and passionate to drive permanent change and make a lasting difference, I have not met an individual who is more uniquely positioned and qualified to deliver results. I can only wish that I had met Mala many years ago when I was actively developing business overseas and was facing the issues that she so easily and eloquently diffuses and resolves. I would highly recommend Mala to any corporation looking to excel in outsourcing in a global, multicultural environment.”

CEO, Transformation Bound, Inc.

“She did meticulous research and created a specific plan focused to identify my key strengths.”

Director, IT

“Mala is an incredibly valuable advisor, innovative coach and effective change management leader. Mala’s highly customized approach to access situation and suggest solution sets her apart from others. She intuitively understands how to connect people from disparate paths to work together to produce remarkable accomplishments.”

Senior Director, IT

“It has been my privilege to spend many hours one-on-one with Mala Subramaniam as she coached me through her executive leadership development program. Her coaching has helped me accelerate the planning and execution of my work and personal goals and also helped me improve skills like communication, delegation, conflict management, team building and most importantly Assertiveness. Without any doubt I am a more confident and effective business leader as a result of the principles and skills she taught me.I would recommend Mala as one who listens for understanding, shows emotional support, empathy and also challenges to positive action.”

Solutions Architect & Development Manager, Meltwater Group

“It has been a great pleasure to work with Mala Subramaniam. Mala has coached me in the art of creating effective presentations. Her high intelligence, superior powers of comprehension, sound knowledge/expertise and genuine interest in the growth of her clients make her a top-notch consultant.”

Technical Trainer at Boston University

“I was coached by Mala as part of an executive program arranged by my company. Mala is an exceptional trainer and coach. She did meticulous research and created a specific plan focused to identify my key strengths and areas of improvement. It was truly one of the most wonderful learning experiences I have had, from which I believe I emerged a better and more focused professional. I would recommend her unreservedly!”

Practice Head at Saksoft