“Beyond Wins is a necessary handbook that will help you to better understand your role in creating any successful negotiation. Mala’s years of experience provide a path of understanding that is easy to remember and straight to the point.  I look forward to sharing it with my entire team.”

Harris Nydick
Best-Selling Book Co-Author of Common Financial Sense

“As we all take on multiple roles at work and outside, navigating new cultures and work styles will become increasingly important. In ​Beyond Wins​, Mala deftly combines a fresh perspective on negotiations and practical tools for everyone to put these principles into practice.”

Deepa Prahalad,
Co-author, ​Predictable Magic
Thinkers 50 India, Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches

“Mala distills a career of counseling executives in cross-cultural success in her new book Beyond Wins: Eastern Mindset for Success in Daily Business Negotiations. A key inspiring lesson: You are probably wondering, “What is unique about eastern philosophy and how can I apply that to solve business problems?” It is about having a CONTEMPLATIVE MINDSET that looks beyond today to focus on those actions that may be beneficial in the long run for both sides. Her book is a guide for both business negotiations and those in everyday life.”

Laura Cohen
Senior Credit Analyst

“I cannot believe the depth, the processes. The details. And on top of everything the cultural perspectives and the assessments. This is like nothing I’ve ever seen.”

Joan M. Capua
Manager, Learning & Development, SPHR,
Taylor & Francis Group