IvyExec is a global organization specializing in career advisory services with a membership of 2M and 300 mentors. They invited me to write a blog on building self-confidence. The blog was published in June 2020.

The blog helps people build self-confidence using 5 steps to achieve it.

“The current health crisis is overwhelming for all of us. If you are worried about your job, you are not alone. Most of us have been through these fears and anxieties. Some of us have even experienced lay-offs. What can you do?

One thing you cannot do is losing your self-confidence. It is the ticket to the more exciting job that’s waiting for you. Wondering if your self-confidence has diminished? If you’re asking yourself these questions, the answer might be yes:

  • Why did my employer let me go? Am I not needed?
  • What did I do wrong?
  • How come my colleagues are still working there?
  • How can I get another job when the situation is so bad?”

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Photo by Sammie Vasquez on Unsplash

Photo by Sammie Vasquez on Unsplash