Adopt the New and Drop the Old practices in Your Resume

Write your own resume – Don’t let anyone else write your resume – it shows and it is a turn-off! It definitely is a giveaway in an interview.

  1. Know your strengths – prepare an Accomplishment Grid.
    a.    Include your top ten accomplishments in the past 5 years. It does not all have to be job related. Answer the questions: what did I accomplish, what was the outcome, who/how did it benefit, what did I do to accomplish it?
  2. Know what you want to do – your passion or interest and qualifications.
  3. Search the net for similar jobs – use phrases familiar to recruiters.
  4. Start with a positioning statement – Drop the “job objective” line and replace it with a bold title that summarizes what you want to do. Example: Competitive Intelligence Leader; Corporate Leadership Training Faculty. This becomes your brand.                   
  5. Build your resume that resonates with this brand – your experience, accomplishments, education and training. Relevant Experience only – do not exceed 10 years of experience. Rest is history to be captured in a concluding line. Do not add anything that you cannot support in an interview.
  6. Be clever about logistics in resume
  1. No need to give full mailing address
  2. Include phone #, email, URL if you have web address, and LinkedIn profile if it complements your resume
  3. Definitely not your personal information such as, passport, other IDs, or reference names

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